We provide consultancy in order to choose an economical and cost effective software strategy, to spot and minimize the risks, to connect the existing infrastructure, to optimize and automate various processes using software applications.


The first step includes drawing-up together with you a specification conditions as detailed as possible. Together with you, we define the different phases that we are to follow. While we carry out the project, we provide a management of the desired changes, for us to be able to take these wishes into account in due time.


Installation can be performed both on site by us or by "remote" access. If you wish and this is technically possible, we can give you the installation set-ups.
The training of the staff that is going to use our application – can be also provided by us. While we develop the application there can be organized several presentation sessions, in order to follow the project evolution and see if the application wholly corresponds to your wishes.


The greatest priority for us is the following of the specification conditions. This is accomplished by the following processes:
  • Detailed tests before delivery.
  • Create a basic version that can be tested by you.
  • Create intermediary versions, if necessary.
  • Online reports and special tools to report and underline the issues that might show up.
Different logging techniques of the showed errors.


Open systems
The proposed solutions by us are not so-called "black boxes" and can be perfectly integrated in already existing or future systems. There can be offered interfaces that can provide the opportunity of the accessing by other programs as well of the data within the systems developed by us.

Our programmers work according to various internal guidelines, so that the written code to be clearly, unitarily structured and easily to be amended afterwards, if necessary.

Code versioning
We use modern tools in order to stock the various code versions for a good record of the made changes.

Secure solutions
Together with you we analyze the security of the systems that you own and come with personalized security concepts.

The developed applications by us are scalable, are compatible with client/server configurations, have a modular structure by which we separate as much as possible the interface, the data and the functioning logic.

We have a big experience with data migration into the new systems, that is an important issue as well, often necessary.